How to Advertise with Feather Flags

How to Advertise with Feather Flags

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Feather Flags are one of the best ways for retail stores and restaurants to bring in foot traffic. But how do you make sure you’re getting the most out of your display? Here are some of our top suggestions for setting up, designing and displaying your Feather Flag.

1. Install your flag correctly

Making sure your flag is properly installed is the first step to a long-lasting display. First things first: take a look around and decide where you want to put your flag. It might be a good idea to make sure there’s no sprinkler system or gas line where you plan to install. We also recommend ensuring that your flag is at least five feet away from any landscaping, displays or buildings. If the flag is constantly whipping against a wall or tree, that will greatly diminish the life of the fabric. Once you’re ready to go, use a hammer to pound the ground stake into the grass. DO NOT pound the receiver cup (where you’ll insert the flag) — hammer the metal piece next to it instead. When you’re finished, the stake should be far enough down that the bottom of the receiver cup is near the ground but not touching it.

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Pro tip: If displaying your flag indoors or somewhere with no grass/soil in sight, you’ll need additional hardware. Check out our Feather Flag x-stands and water bags for alternative display options.

Start assembling the poles, working from largest to smallest. The top pole will have a ball at the end — this is called the flag whip. Push this piece in first through the pole sleeve of the flag until it hits the end of the pocket. Next, secure the elastic band anchor around the hook near the bottom of the pole. Unscrew tension adjuster and tighten until the flag is nice and taut. Now place the flag on top of the ground stake and you’re ready to go!

2. Design for maximum impressions

Feather Flags differ from most signs and banners in one key way: they’re vertical! While that means you have a unique opportunity to make your message stand out, you’ll need to think about your design a little differently to make sure your text is readable. Since your design space is taller than it is wide, most people tend to make their text vertically-oriented and limit it to just a few characters. A diagonal orientation for your message might work too depending on how long your headline is. Generally speaking, stick to sans serif fonts — and avoid script fonts! There’s always something to be said for a well-placed graphic, but make sure you aren’t crowding your text (and watch out for the bleed area in your Feather Flag template!). 

Since most advertising flags are placed by roads and high-traffic areas, the majority of people will only have a few seconds to read your message. This makes color and the legibility of your text another very important design consideration. Make sure you use high contrast colors that are easily visible from a distance. Yellows, blues and reds are all popular choices for Feather Flag designs. Consider using an outline for your text if you’re having issues creating enough contrast against your background. 

Although custom Feather Flags are typically used to advertise a simple message or simply promote brand awareness, there’s lots of room to get creative. Stagger your headline across multiple flags, or get a double-sided flag and use a different message on the front and back. And unless you’re using your flag for a very specific purpose, make sure your logo is displayed prominently. Even if your headline needs to take up the majority of your flag, try to find space for your logo above the main text. Also consider adding a CTA at the bottom. A quick reminder to “Sign up today” or “Tour Now!” could make it clear what you want your prospective customer to do.

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3. A/B test

It never hurts to test! If you’re not sure if you’ve put your flag in the best possible location, try it out somewhere else. Feather Flags are relatively easy to relocate. While you can lift the whole unit out of the ground at once, best practice would be to remove the pole/flag and lay it on the ground before pulling up the stake. Advertising flags for businesses typically perform best when placed by busy roads and other high-traffic areas. If your flag isn’t having the desired effect on your bottom line, make sure you’re considering all variables. Try viewing your flag from every potential angle. Is there something blocking the view or making it hard for new customers to see?

If your message needs to change, you can always get a replacement flag without paying for the hardware. Even if your design is on point, it could be beneficial to have a variation or two to try out. As with any good A/B test, only change one thing at a time, take notes every time you make a significant revision — and be patient! If you don’t give your test enough time, you won’t be able to accurately gauge the results.

Feather flags median strip by busy road

4. Check in on your flag!

It may sound obvious, but we can’t stress this enough: check in on your flag every once in a while, especially if it’s located somewhere you don’t see on a daily basis! Nothing looks gloomier than a Feather Flag that’s had to weather one too many spring storms. Having an outdoor Feather Flag that’s in less than tip-top shape in front of your business could have a negative impact on your brand. If your flag gets a little dirty, just give it a wash in cold water with detergent. We don’t recommend using a dryer — hang it out to dry instead to maximize the life of the fabric. 

It might not surprise you to know that where you get your Feather Flag makes a big difference. Lots of the cheaper flags you’ll see online are shipped from overseas with discount hardware. Quality flags with fiberglass hardware and dye-sublimated fabric will give you the best-looking and longest-lasting display. All Feather Flags we produce in-house are printed with dye-sublimation technology to make sure the ink soaks through the fabric. This technique produces better, more vivid colors — and makes the flag water-resistant too!

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