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Global Vision, Local Care.

Founded in 2003, we have set traditional institutional orphan care models aside, and are connecting a global family united by a shared vision to care for vulnerable children and keep families together. Because we provide localized care based on a community’s unique needs, how we serve looks different depending on where we are serving.

The Global Orphan Project partners with local churches around the world to provide:

  • Orphan Prevention: Family strengthening initiatives to keep families together.  
  • Orphan Care: Local, family style care to kids who need it the most.
  • Transition: Equip kids with vocational and life skills to transition into adulthood.

100% Of What's Given To Kids 

100% of your donations to our orphan care and prevention programs go exactly where you intended them. We do not use any of your generous gifts for our administrative overhead or fundraising expenses. This is possible because a generous group of dedicated donors cover our overhead so you don’t have to.

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