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Art Specifications


  • PDF. JPEG, EPS, AI, TIFF, INDD (with fonts and linked images), PSD (layered) files are also acceptable.


  • All fonts must be outlined or font files must be attached.
  • Vector art is prefered when possible.
  • Pantone or Spot Colors work best for consistent and richer color
  • High resolution RGB (300 dpi or greater) is preferred on images for best quality printing.
  • When creating a file that has both vector and raster images use RGB profile, not CMYK.
  • When using a background that bleeds to the edge of your desired print area, please provide 1” additional art on all sides for a bleed for fabric items that require hems, and 1/4” on all sides for items that require mounting and cutting.
  • On items that require hemming it is important to keep your art 1” or farther from the finished edge
  • For pole pockets make sure to add the size of the pole pocket plus 1” for sewing to your finished size.

Note: Images taken off the internet are generally low resolution unless you purchase them.


  • Templates for our products are available on the website in the Templates page. Questions regarding art set up can be addressed to


  • When requesting a color match, please specify a PMS Color.
  • We use the Pantone Solid Coated chart.
  • Because there are so many variations of each color we cannot accept color names such as Royal Blue, Michigan State Green, or Hazard Yellow. Specific matchable PMS colors from a PMS book are required.
  • If no PMS is requested, Insight Print and Display is not responsible for color.

Note: We cannot guarantee color accuracy on flattened images (jpgs, pngs, tiffs) that we cannot edit and spot color correct.


Revisions or additional files may be uploaded using the Send Files form. Unless revised art is requested by a pre-press designer. Those files can be sent directly to the person who requested the revised art, either directly or using any file transfer website, such as